Madonna Censored By Instagram For Posting Video Of Doctors Praising Use Of Hydroxychloroquine

The pop singer Madonna just got censored by Instagram for posting a video from the America’s Frontline Doctors press conference…

2 years ago

Hollywood Liberals Like Barbra Streisand And Jane Fonda Team Up To Use Coronavirus To Demand Climate Change Reforms

If only these liberal elites would put this much energy into helping the people on the frontlines of this pandemic.

2 years ago

Madonna Says She’s Tested Positive For Coronavirus Antibodies – Announces Plans To ‘Breathe The COVID-19 Air’

Madonna might be singing a different tune now after testing positive for the coronavirus.

2 years ago

Franklin Graham Blasts Madonna for Saying Jesus Would be OK with Abortion

When pop singer and liberal activist Madonna recently said that Jesus would be alright with women killing their unborn children…

3 years ago

Madonna Says Lack of Gun Control in US is a ‘Huge Problem’

In a recent interview with Reuters, music icon Madonna called the lack of gun control in America “frightening” and described it…

3 years ago

Madonna Leaves the U.S. for Portugal

Remember the laundry list of Hollywood celebrities who threatened to leave the country in the event of a Donald Trump…

5 years ago