Melania Trump Calls On Governors’ Spouses To Bring Her ‘Be Best’ Message Back To Their Home States

The first lady continues to demonstrate what a class act she is

3 years ago

Emails Show HUGE SECRET With Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules

First Lady Michelle Obama is NOT classy. Even though she has never been elected to higher office, her absurd "Let's…

8 years ago

Michelle Obama Gets REVENGE on School for Dropping Her Lunch Rules

When you cross tyrant Barack Obama and his dictatorial wife Michelle, you will pay a price! One school in Montana…

8 years ago

Michelle Obama Tells Navy What They Can’t Eat… And Sailors FIGHT BACK!

The Navy Times reports our enlisted men and women are furious at what Michelle Obama just did. Not content with…

8 years ago

THIS Teacher Found Out What Happens When You Mess with Queen Michelle Obama

Those who subscribe to the progressive ideology wish to control every aspect of our lives. They are busy-bodies and can't…

8 years ago