President Jimmy Carter Insisted Trump ‘Actually’ Lost The 2016 Election

Claims of election fraud by Jimmy Carter began making the rounds over the weekend, showing the former President's belief in…

1 year ago

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: Calling Biden’s Evacuation A ‘Success’ Is Like ‘Polishing A Turd’

On Monday, Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld roasted Biden's evacuation failures in Afghanistan, saying that pretending the mission was a…

2 years ago

Joe Biden Won’t Accept Accountability In Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

On Tuesday, a seemingly angry, or at least ornery, Joe Biden defended his actions in how the U.S. exited Afghanistan,…

2 years ago

Al Gore Slams Trump: ‘Stop Hurting This Country’ And ‘Acknowledge Reality’ You Lost Election

Former Vice President Al Gore believes that former President Donald Trump is hurting the country by not acknowledging that he…

2 years ago

John Boehner Says America Won’t See Another Jan. 6 Event Because Trump Doesn’t Have ‘That Kind of Support’ Anymore

On Thursday, former Republican House Speaker John Boehner said that another riot like the one that took place at the…

2 years ago

GOP Gov. Hutchinson: Trump ‘Lost The Election’ And ‘We Should Not’ Make Him Leader Of Our Party

On Monday, Republican Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson lit into former President Donald Trump, saying he should not be the leader…

2 years ago

Biden Takes ‘Veiled Shot At Trump’ By Blaming Lives Lost On COVID-19 On ‘Politics And Misinformation’

On Monday evening, President Joe Biden marked the milestone of 500,000 lives lost from the coronavirus by delivering in a…

2 years ago

‘Ant-Man’ Star Evangeline Lilly Slammed For Dismissing Coronavirus, Refusing To Self-Isolate—Says She Values ‘Freedom’

Despite Lilly's lack of concern, the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world

3 years ago

2020 Trump Challenger Joe Walsh Claims He’s Lost His National Radio Show

Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, who announced a primary challenge to President Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination, told CNN…

4 years ago