Biden Admin Throws AOC, Lightfoot Under The Bus On Organized Looting Comments ‘We Don’t Agree’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki put a bit of daylight between the administration and some recent out-of-touch comments from…

1 month ago

Reporters Loudly Object When Minnesota Police Chief Called Street Chaos A ‘Riot’

When a Minnesota police chief described his officers being injured by bricks, rocks, and frozen soda cans on Monday, and…

9 months ago

California Governor Newsom Opens The Door For Reparations As State Continues To Be On Fire

With large parts of California succumbing to horrendous wildfires and a massive homeless problem in some of the state's major…

1 year ago

How Do Left Anarchy Groups Mobilize So Fast For These So-Called ‘Peaceful Protests?’

I don't know if you have noticed, but the "peaceful protests" that the Democrats and their media have called the…

1 year ago

Gowdy: It Took ‘10,000 Arrests’ And ‘$2 Billion In Property Damage’ For Pelosi To Finally Condemn Rioters

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally condemned violent protesters from the House floor, but according to former House Oversight…

1 year ago

Spoiled Rich Kids Arrested For Antifa Rioting

What other kind of kid would be brought up that badly?

1 year ago

College Kids Say Looting Is ‘Justified’ Because ‘People In Power Have Stolen So Much More’

Over the past few months, radical liberals have been rioting and looting all over the nation. In August, Chicago Black…

1 year ago

Chicago Cops Arrest Woman For Looting During Riots After She Live-Streamed Her Crimes On Social Media

Chicago police just arrested a woman for looting during the protests in the Illinois city, saying that they caught her…

1 year ago

Black Lives Matter Organizer Says Looting ‘Is Reparations’

During a Black Lives Matter rally in Chicago, Illinois on Monday, one activist defended looting by saying that the practice…

1 year ago

AOC Says Spike In NYC Crime Might Be Because People Are Jobless And Are ‘Scared To Pay Their Rent’

On Sunday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the rise in crime in New York City is happening because many residents…

2 years ago

Federal Judge Slaps Down Andrew Cuomo And Bill de Blasio For Banning Religious Services

The judge cited them for banning religious services but letting protests continue.

2 years ago