Logan Act

Columbia Journalism Review Russiagate Post-Mortem Is A Good Start

By Mark Hemingway for RealClearWire Without much fanfare, earlier this week Jeff Gerth, a Pulitzer-Prize winning former New York Times…

2 months ago

Republicans Pressure John Kerry To Resign After NYT Leaked Iran Audio – What We Know So Far

John Kerry, the special envoy for climate change under President Biden, is facing multiple calls to resign following reports alleging…

2 years ago

Ex-Obama Advisor Says ‘Foreign Leaders Are Already Having Phone Calls’ With Biden – Flynn Was Investigated For This

Former deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes, claimed on Monday that “foreign leaders are already having…

2 years ago

Sarah Sanders Slams Obama: If He Cared About Democracy He Wouldn’t Have Spied On Trump

Sarah Huckabee Sanders torched Barack Obama following his speech to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Wednesday, suggesting that had he…

3 years ago

Obama And Biden Directly Implicated In Flynn Affair

They both started the illegal investigation of Mike Flynn.

3 years ago

Bombshell: Handwritten Strzok Notes Show Biden Suggesting ‘Logan Act’ Over Flynn Call – Comey Saying It’s ‘Legit’

Notes by former FBI special agent Peter Strzok show former director James Comey advising President Obama that phone calls between…

3 years ago

‘Tick-Tock’: Sean Hannity Warns ‘Panicked’ Adam Schiff Over ‘Possible Crimes’

Fox News host Sean Hannity issued a warning to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff stating that his "possible crimes"…

3 years ago

Trump: Dem Senator Chris Murphy’s Meeting With Iran Foreign Minister Violates Logan Act

President Trump insinuated Senator Chris Murphy tried to circumvent American foreign policy through violation of the Logan Act when he…

3 years ago

President Suggests John Kerry Broke the Law in Advising Iran

President Trump Monday morning suggested that former Secretary of State John Kerry may have broken the law by running afoul…

4 years ago

Report: John Kerry Should Be in Prison for Violating Logan Act

There are only a few days before the May 12th deadline for the Trump administration to re-certify the faulty Iran…

5 years ago