Lisa Page

Peter Strzok Outrageously Claims That History Will Remember Him As A ‘Patriot’

The disgraced former FBI official Peter Strzok showed the world how delusional he really is this week when he actually…

2 years ago

Subpoenas Authorized For Comey, Brennan, Other Obama-Era Officials Over Russia Investigation

The Senate Homeland Security Committee voted to authorize over three dozen subpoenas and depositions of Obama-era officials involved in the…

2 years ago

Report: Members Of Mueller’s Team ‘Accidentally Wiped’ Phones During Anti-Trump Investigation

Newly released documents from the Department of Justice suggest multiple members of Robert Mueller's investigative team "accidentally wiped" their phones…

2 years ago

Trump Says Obama And Others Likely Guilty Of Treason When Asked About Susan Rice And Obamagate

During Monday's White House press conference, in which the Secret Service had to evacuate the President from the briefing room…

2 years ago

Disgraced Ex-FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Lands Job With MSNBC

The Deep State is planting their talking heads throughout the mainstream media.

2 years ago

Trump Thinking Of Giving General Mike Flynn A Full Pardon

The much persecuted general deserves it.

2 years ago

Trump Declares ‘Getting Rid’ Of ‘Evil’ FBI Officials One of His ‘Greatest Achievements’

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump said he considers “getting rid” of the FBI officials who conducted the Trump-Russia investigation to…

3 years ago

Disgraced Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Slams President Donald Trump

This is the person who texted her lover about an 'insurance policy' against a duly elected president — yet she's…

3 years ago

Trump Responds to Ex-FBI Lawyer Lisa Page: ‘Go Read Your Lover’s Texts’

President Trump responded to former FBI lawyer Lisa Page's allegations that he was trying to "destroy my life" by suggesting…

3 years ago

Trump: What FBI Did Was Treason, Vows to Declassify FISA Documents

President Trump, in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity Wednesday evening, ripped corrupt FBI players behind the special counsel…

3 years ago

Bombshell: Lisa Page Testified Obama DOJ Ordered FBI Not to Charge Hillary

Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page testified that it was the Obama Justice Department who ordered the bureau not to charge…

3 years ago

Leaked FBI Texts Show Strzok/Page Calling for Bogus Charges Against Trump

Newly released texts between FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page appear to reveal that the two floated the idea…

4 years ago