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liberal media

What If Biden Were Seeking Recounts? We Know Exactly What Would Happen

By J Peder Zane for RealClearPolitics Imagine if Joe Biden had enjoyed a healthy lead on election night only to…

2 months ago

Comparing Trump To Biden On The Economy Is Like Comparing A Corvette To A Pinto

Anyone that thinks Joe Biden is going to bring back the economy or do better than the Trump economy is…

3 months ago

Investigative Issues: A Deceptive Washington Post Story Giving the Bidens Benefits of Its Doubts

By  J. Peder Zane for RealClearInvestigations Skepticism is fundamental to good journalism. So one might applaud the Washington Post for…

3 months ago

Trump’s Town Hall Was A Homerun: The Happy Warrior Hits His Stride

Last night, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held dueling town halls. The contrast between the two couldn’t…

3 months ago

Remember When . . . We Could Laugh at Ourselves?

By Chuck Raasch for RealClearPolitics Do you remember when some journalists assigned to Barack Obama’s White House worried that covering…

3 months ago

We Can Win This Thing For America’s Future, We Just Need To Hang In There

Radio was always the troubled medium for the left. As Rush Limbaugh's popularity grew, all these left-wing competitors would emerge…

4 months ago

Kayleigh McEnany Makes Reporter Regret Trying To Bait Her With Question About Pro-Trump Violence

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany conducted a clinic in handling a mainstream media desperate to shift focus away from…

5 months ago

Democrats Telling Us If We Re-Elect Donald Trump, They Will Burn Down America

The lesson from the Democrat Party is, if this "racist nation" dares to re-elect Donald Trump, then they are going…

5 months ago

Live By the Sword, Die By It: The Delicious Downfall Of Rick Wilson

Rick Wilson was a little known Republican operative before 2016. A little known operative with mountains of crushing debt. A…

7 months ago

Liberal Media Smears Keep Coming – President Trump Keeps Honoring His Oath

We've have never seen a man who is as patient, determined, and focused under fire as President Trump.

9 months ago

CBS News’ Lara Logan Says Left ‘Targeting’ Her for Admitting Media is Liberal

Former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Logan joined Sean Hannity Wednesday to discuss her recent criticism of the mainstream media, which…

2 years ago

Man Pulls Gun on Couple Wearing MAGA Hats: ‘It Is a Good Day for You to Die’

A Kentucky couple who support President Trump got quite a scare over the weekend when a man allegedly pulled a…

2 years ago