Stanford Law School Pens Apology Letter to Trump Appointed Judge Over Speech Disruption

I never had the chance to get a full-on college experience. My folks couldn't afford to send me to college,…

1 week ago

Trump Lawyer’s Demand Senate Impeachment Trial Be Dismissed, Top Dem Admits ‘Not Crazy To Argue’ It’s Unconstitutional

On the eve of Donald Trump's impeachment trial, lawyers for the former President are demanding a dismissal, while a top…

2 years ago

General Michael Flynn Shares Patriotic Video After Bombshell Report Shows FBI Tried To ‘Get Him to Lie’

General Michael Flynn shared a simple 12-second clip of an American flag waving in the wind following bombshell reports that…

3 years ago

CNN Admits Trump Legal Team Success, But Argues a Lack of Diversity

According to a CNN analyst, the team is too male and too white.

3 years ago

Judges Orders State Bar Association to Investigate Three Hillary Clinton Lawyers

There could finally be some people held accountable for the email scandal that plagued Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign - but…

6 years ago