Larry Hogan

Former Gov. Chris Christie Considering Second Run For White House, Will Make Decision Within the “Next 45 to 60 Days”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has gone on the record with the Washington Examiner stating that he intendeds to…

3 months ago

Report: Never Trumpers Kinzinger, Hogan, And Cheney Could All Run Against Trump In 2024

Critics of former President Donald Trump - Representatives Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, along with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan -…

1 year ago

Maryland’s Republican Governor Claims Americans Don’t Have A ‘Constitutional Right To Walk Around Without A Mask’

Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan spoke out this week to controversially claim that nobody has a "constitutional right to walk…

3 years ago

Baltimore Pastor Rips Up Cease-And-Desist Letter During Sermon: ‘God Tells Us How To Worship Him, Nobody Else Can Do That!’

"I don't plan on shutting the church. If they fine us, I'm not paying it. It's unconstitutional. They don't have…

3 years ago

If You Like Coronavirus Circumstances, You’ll Love A Sanders Administration

No, this is not a conspiratorial run through. But it gives one pause for thought.

3 years ago

Baltimore City Council Wants Mayor To Step Down Over Pay To Play, She Says She’s Not Going Anywhere

GOP Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, the Never Trumper, called for an investigation into Mayor Catherine Pugh's questionable actions where she…

4 years ago

MD Governor and Baltimore Mayor Had Enough of CNN’s Don Lemon’s Disrespect

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon late Monday night, Gov. Larry Hogan said he’s “taking over the situation” in…

8 years ago