Ku Klux Klan

Dershowitz Blasts Maxine Waters – Tactics ‘Borrowed Precisely From The Ku Klux Klan’

Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz went on Newsmax on Tuesday to blast Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for urging protesters…

1 year ago

Jason Whitlock Defies Left – ‘I Compare Black Lives Matter To The KKK’

The conservative journalist Jason Whitlock went on Fox News on Wednesday night to tell Tucker Carlson why he compares Black Lives…

2 years ago

CNN’s Don Lemon Shames Trump Voters – Lumps Them All In With Nazis, KKK, Alt-Right

CNN host Don Lemon shamed all 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in this past election, not only…

2 years ago

Alyssa Milano Extends ‘Olive Branch To Trump Supporters’ After Years Of Vicious Attacks

After years of attacking those who stand with President Donald Trump, actress and left-wing activist Alyssa Milano wants to “extend…

2 years ago

University Offers 12-Step Program Based On AA To Help People ‘Recover’ From Being White

The University of Minnesota's School of Social Work is offering a 12-step webinar series that is based on Alcoholics Anonymous…

2 years ago

After Cop-Shooting Videos ‘Compelled’ Black Man To Kill, He’s Now Suspected Of Murdering His White Cellmate

Last month, we reported that 19-year-old Jayvon Hatchett had stabbed a white AutoZone worker at random after watching police shooting…

2 years ago

Democrat State House Candidate Calls For Minneapolis Suburb To Be Burned Down: ‘I Didn’t Come Here To Be Peaceful’

John Thompson, a Democrat  who is running for State House in Minnesota, just suggested that the Minneapolis suburb of Hugo…

2 years ago

Joe Biden Says Trump Is America’s ‘First’ Racist President

During a remote union town hall meeting on Wednesday, Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden said that…

2 years ago

Radical Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush Accuses President Trump Of Wanting ‘Race War’

Ironically, as a Black Panther, Bobby Rush actually tried to start one.

2 years ago

CNN Host Van Jones Says White Liberals Who Voted For Hillary Clinton Are More Dangerous Than The KKK

Jones went on to say that even white liberals can't help being "racist."

2 years ago

California Mayor Who Was Forced To Resign For Comparing Trump Voters To KKK Dies In Plane Crash

Kirby was set to officially step down at the next city council meeting on April 27

2 years ago