Katie Couric Confesses To Editing Out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Anti-Kneeling Comments In Interview To ‘Protect’ Her

Katie Couric has admitted to editing out comments by Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a 2016 interview in which the late…

9 months ago

Tucker Slams Obama As ‘One of the Sleaziest’ Figures In The History Of American Politics

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Barack Obama as "one of the sleaziest" and "most dishonest" political figures in the…

2 years ago

Rahm Emanuel: Athletes Who Kneel During Anthem Just Like People Kneeling During “Religious Services”

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that athletes who kneel during the national anthem were just like people kneeling during…

2 years ago

Head Of Chicago Police Union Says Officers Could Be Booted If They Kneel With Protesters

"I stand for the anthem. I love the American flag. I support my president and the 2nd Amendment."

2 years ago