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pentagon woke crt
March 28, 2023
taxpayer funds are going to pay for ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in the military while weapons stockpiles dwindle.
pentagon diversity chief fired
March 27, 2023
Kelisa Wing had been reassigned from her previous position as the Chief of Diversity for DoDEA after racist tweets surfaced.
pentagon diversity chief
January 11, 2023
Let’s take a spell to check back on what has happened to some of the formerly called War Department’s greatest Woke Hits of 2022.
pentagon diversity chief anti-police
October 18, 2022
Elisa Wing, the Pentagon Diversity Chief, advocated for an anti-police book to be made available in schools.
pentagon diversity chief
September 23, 2022
Fox News Digital last week discovered past tweets by Diversity Chief Kelisa Wing that showed apparent disdain for white people.