Jonathan Turley

Law Professor Slams President Biden For Repeating Lie That Second Amendment Banned Cannon Ownership

Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley hammered President Biden for continuing to promote the false claim that the Second Amendment never…

6 months ago

Democrats Move To Introduce Legislation To Pack The Supreme Court

House Democrats are reportedly set to introduce legislation Thursday that would, according to Fox News, be an attempted "hostile" takeover…

2 years ago

Barrett Already Hit With Anti-Religious Hate From The Media

They can't get her on merit. So they stoop to this.

2 years ago

Liberal Law Professor Smacks Down Obama For Claiming Dismissal Of Flynn Charges Puts ‘Rule Of Law At Risk’

Obama might want to think twice before he opens his mouth on this subject again, however, because even liberals are…

3 years ago

Dirty FBI Agent Strzok Prevented The End Of Flynn Probe

He knew there was no evidence against Flynn. But he was out to get the president through Flynn.

3 years ago

Democrats Begin to Meltdown as Their Loss Looms

Thursday's session began bad for them and slid down from there.

3 years ago

The House Democrat Push Against Trump: It’s ‘More Rage Than Reason’

On live television all day long on Wednesday, Americans got to see (if they dared watch it) blatant bias play…

3 years ago

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley Blasts Trump Witch Hunt

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley offered a great defense of President Trump on CNN while explaining why it…

5 years ago