James Carville

Democrat Legend James Carville Says Pelosi ‘Has A Point’ Regarding The 25th Amendment

On Thursday, veteran Democratic strategist and friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, James Carville, said that something was “really wrong”…

2 years ago

James Carville Says He’s ‘Very Confident’ Americans Will Vote Out Trump

Bill Clinton’s former lead strategist James Carville told MSNBC on Wednesday that he was “very confident” 2020 Democrat Joe Biden…

3 years ago

Carville Advises Biden To Keep Doing ‘Precisely What You’re Doing’ And Don’t Listen To ‘Namby-Pamby Democrats That Are Panicking’

Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got some advice from longtime Democratic strategist James Carville on Sunday. Carville told…

3 years ago

James Carville Says There’s A ‘Case’ For ‘Treason’ If President Trump Knew About Russia Bounty

On Sunday, Democratic strategist James Carville responded on MSNBC to the report that Russian intelligence offered Afghan militants bounties to…

3 years ago

James Carville Says ‘American People Are Turning’ On Trump: ‘Joe Biden Is Fine’

Democratic strategist James Carville appeared on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC” on Sunday where he commented on the 2020 presidential election in…

3 years ago

This Has To Hurt! DOJ Tells California Governor Newsom To Open Churches!

Nancy Pelosi's nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom may not tell people of faith that they can only worship in their…

3 years ago

Carville: Republicans ‘Will Kill People,’ Trump Wiped Out in 2020

James Carville, the Democrat strategist, claimed that Democrats will "wipe out" Donald Trump in 2020, but that Republicans "will kill…

3 years ago

Socialist Sanders Calls Democratic Strategist James Carville A ‘Hack’

One guy directed the team that won the presidency, twice. The other guy can't even get the nomination even once.

3 years ago

Noted Political Strategist James Carville Sounds the Alarm for Democrat Party

He sees the Democrats sleepwalking into a buzzsaw if they continue their hard left course.

3 years ago

Former Clinton Official Carville: “Trumpism is the Greatest Threat” to US Since Communism

In an interview with MSNBC, James Carville, the former Clinton official, claimed that "Trumpism is the greatest threat this country…

3 years ago