Biden Shredded For Saying Italy’s Election of Giorgia Meloni is Proof Democrats Must Win to Save Democracy: ‘Has She Raided Her Opponents Yet?’

President Biden was on the receiving end of a fair bit of criticism after claiming the election of Giorgia Meloni…

4 months ago

One Word Sums Up The Left’s Fear Of Newly Elected Italian PM Giorgia Meloni: Identity

Giorgia Meloni is set to become Italy's first female prime minister. Still, before you break out the ticker tape and…

4 months ago

Ann Coulter: NYT Calls Anti-Immigrant Politician ‘Fascist’ 28 Times

Giorgia Meloni is expected to crush Italy’s elections today — (Editor's note: she won) by running against the crisis of…

4 months ago

Melania Trump Opens Up About ‘Very Special’ Son Barron

The former First Lady Melania Trump reportedly once spoke out to describe her 15 year-old son Barron as a "very…

1 year ago

Joy Behar Praises Facebook For Upholding Trump Ban – Meghan McCain Shuts Her Down

On Wednesday morning's episode of "The View," Joy Behar praised Facebook for upholding the ban of former President Donald Trump…

2 years ago

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Bob Dole, 97, Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Bob Dole, the former Republican senator and 1996 presidential nominee, announced on Thursday that he has been diagnosed with stage…

2 years ago

Stunning: CBS Again Caught Using Footage From Italy Hospital In US Coronavirus Coverage

CBS News has again been caught slipping in footage of patients from a hospital in Italy in their coverage of…

3 years ago

‘The View’ Goes Off The Rails As Whoopi Goldberg Comes Unglued During Newt Gingrich Interview

While Gingrich was reluctant to criticize Trump, he admitted that it was unlikely that the president would be able to…

3 years ago

Potentially Good Economic Outlook After Coronavirus

A noted investor takes an optimistic stance.

3 years ago

Former White House Physician Appointed By Obama: Trump Is Saving American Lives With Response to Coronavirus

The former lead White House doctor appointed by Barack Obama praised President Donald Trump following the release of a new…

3 years ago

Europeans Throw Tantrum Over Trump Travel Ban

The president was only protecting the United States from the spread of coronavirus.

3 years ago