Iowa Caucuses

Biden Campaign on Life Support, Obama Nowhere to Be Seen

The former veep was sold out by his former boss.

2 years ago

Buttigieg Hit By New Hampshire Feminists

These Warren and Klobuchar supporters are trying to stop his Iowa momentum.

3 years ago

Latest Democratic Excuse For Iowa Debacle Is… It’s Trump’s Fault

Next it'll be the dog ate the caucuses. Or...wait for it...Russians!

3 years ago

Biden Takes Major Hit in Iowa

New Hampshire is do or die for the former veep.

3 years ago

Initial Results Give Buttigieg Win in Iowa Democratic Caucuses

His win propels him to the top of the Democratic field, maybe.

3 years ago

Democratic Debacle in Iowa, What We Know So Far

If the Democrats could have gotten it wrong, they did in Iowa on Monday night.

3 years ago

Trump Calls Sanders a Communist, Adds Fuel to Democratic Fires

On one hand he call Sanders a "communist." On the other he accuses the Democratic establishment of rigging the nomination…

3 years ago

Next Three Days Vital for President Trump

The trial, the Iowa caucuses, the State of the Union address, and the trial verdicts will all make American history.

3 years ago

‘Party of Diversity’ Represented by Most Non-Diverse Panel of Democrat Candidates at Upcoming Debate

The 7th democratic presidential debate, held in Iowa tomorrow, will be filled with wealthy victims of paleness. For a party…

3 years ago

Many Iowans Still Have No Idea Who They’ll Be Voting for in February’s Democrat Caucuses

Even as Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, shows some strength, scores of people say their minds are far…

3 years ago

Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Rise in the Polls Is Good News for President Donald Trump

Newfound strength of the far-Left Democrat senator from Vermont is something to behold

3 years ago