‘Where’s Jackie?’ Deceased Congresswoman’s Mother Explains to Biden That Her Daughter is ‘In Heaven’ as President Apologizes

The mother of late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski explained to President Joe Biden that her daughter is "in heaven" as the…

2 months ago

Gretchen Whitmer Is Given ‘Profile In Courage’ Award For COVID Response By JFK Library – It Immediately Backfires

The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation announced this week that it will be honoring Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D)…

2 years ago

Gretchen Whitmer Humiliated After Billboard Names Her As ‘Indiana Businessperson Of The Year’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) was publicly humiliated this week when a satirical billboard went up naming her as the…

2 years ago

Gretchen Whitmer Rebuffed By Michigan County As Residents Are Told To ‘Self-Determine’ Safety Measures

A Michigan county defied Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) this week by passing a resolution that tells residents to do what is…

2 years ago

Trump Calls On Ted Cruz To Argue Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit

President Trump asked Senator Ted Cruz to argue a case involving a Texas lawsuit before the Supreme Court which seeks…

2 years ago

Black Lives Matter Activist From Indianapolis Admits She’s Actually White – ‘Used Blackness’ For Personal Gain

One of the top racial justice activists from Indianapolis, Indiana admitted this week that she has been lying about her…

2 years ago

Michael Moore Warns Democrats To ‘Not Underestimate The Evil Genius That Is Donald J. Trump’

The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore just came totally unglued as he warned Democrats to not underestimate the "evil…

2 years ago

Meet The Young GOP House Candidate Who Is Running To Fight Socialism

Victoria Spartz has lived it and knows the dangers. Now, she leads the fight against the omnipresent state.

2 years ago

David Letterman Outrageously Claims Pence Was ‘Taunting’ COVID-19 Patients By Not Wearing A Mask

Pence received tons of backlash from the Left for not wearing a mask, as liberals chose to focus on that…

3 years ago

Mike Huckabee Torches AOC for ‘Absurd’ Attack on Pence After He’s Asked to Lead Coronavirus Response

We have no reason to doubt that Pence and the rest of the Trump administration will do everything in their…

3 years ago

Residents of South Bend Tell America Not to Vote for Buttigieg

Residents of South Bend, Indiana, have warned Americans to not vote for their former mayor, Pete Buttigieg, who is running…

3 years ago

Buttigieg Wants to Grow Population of U.S. Towns By Flooding Them With Immigrants

Democrat Pete Buttigieg is introducing his plans for a new visa program designed to flood American towns with legal immigrants.…

3 years ago