Hugh Hewitt

Cruz On 2022 Olympics: U.S. Should Participate To ‘Highlight China’s Oppression’

Sen. Ted Cruz recently argued against a full boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China and said the U.S.…

1 year ago

Fauci Says Making Young Kids Wear Masks ‘Hopefully’ Will Not Have A ‘Lasting Negative Impact’ On Them

White House chief health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci could not confirm on Monday that making young children wear masks would…

2 years ago

TX Gov. Abbott Breaks His Silence To Address Rumors Matthew McConaughey Will Run Against Him

Over the past few months, rumors have been swirling that the Academy Award-winning Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is planning to…

2 years ago

Fauci Claims The U.S. Did Not Make Mistakes With Lockdowns

Over the past few weeks, a growing number of Americans have started to feel that the United States may have…

2 years ago

Newt Gingrich Says Trump ‘Probably’ Should Go To Biden’s Inauguration

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke out on Tuesday to address whether or not President Donald Trump should…

2 years ago

Attorney General Bill Barr Goes After Slow State Reopenings

He recognizes America wants to go back to normal.

3 years ago

AG Barr Warns: May Take Action Against Governors That Have Infringed On Constitutional Rights

Attorney General William Barr warns that some state governors have, to an extent, infringed on their constituents' fundamental and constitutional…

3 years ago

Pelosi And Schumer Warned On Their Legislative Stalling…By Chuck Todd?

The liberal media shill offered his Democrat pals good advice. They won't take it.

3 years ago

Trey Gowdy Promises ‘Eye-Opening’ Report On Benghazi!

Chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee Trey Gowdy is promising some "eye-opening" and "surprising" revelations when his group releases a…

7 years ago

THIS GOP Candidate Called His Opponents ‘Devils’ And Himself ‘Prince of Light and Hope’ – EPIC!

Uhhh......I can't, I just can't. Or maybe I'll have what he's having, double the ice. GOP presidential candidate and Ohio…

7 years ago

Trump Got A HUGE Reaction For THIS Answer About Running Third Party

During Wednesday's GOP debate, frontrunner Donald Trump said he is “totally committed to the Republican Party” and said he feels…

7 years ago

Did Ted Cruz Really Just Say This About Democrats And Violent Criminals?

With the media in a feeding frenzy over the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado (of which we have yet to…

7 years ago