House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Biden Punts Possible Devastating Rail Strike Dilemma to Congress to Solve

It wasn't that long ago that there were grumblings of a possible rail strike threatening to bring our economy to…

6 months ago

Nancy Pelosi Finally Barred from Receiving Communion Over Pro-Abortion Stance

The Archbishop of San Francisco declared on May 20 that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is banned from taking Holy Communion…

1 year ago

Liberals Don’t ‘Trust the Science’ When It Comes to Abortion

On Sunday, May 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told "Face the Nation" that “the science hasn’t changed, but the court…

1 year ago

Bitter Democrats Lash Out Over Barrett

Court packing is their newest crusade.

3 years ago

Pelosi Facing Rebellion In The House – Democrats Abandoning Her On Stimulus Bill

She may not be able to hold the House on this.

3 years ago

Nancy Pelosi, Leader Of The Party Of The Rich, Wishes America A ‘Happy Labor Day’

The working class turned Republican a generation ago.

3 years ago

Democrats Confirm They Want Mail-In Voting To Tip The Election

They're not trying to hide it anymore.

3 years ago

Radical Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Won’t Endorse Joe Biden – Could Lose Primary

Time may be running out for Tlaib's political future.

3 years ago

Pelosi Calls For Nationwide Mask Requirement, Even Outdoors

She wants masks mandated in all public places.

3 years ago