House Intelligence Committee

House Intel Republicans Say ‘Significant Circumstantial Evidence’ Shows COVID Leaking From Wuhan Lab

Fox News published an exclusive report late Wednesday in which Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said there is "significant…

2 years ago

Biden Considering Revoking Trump’s Right To Access Classified Briefings

President Biden is currently reviewing whether or not to revoke former President Donald Trump's access to classified briefings. Modern-day presidents…

3 years ago

Dem Rep. Swalwell Compares President Trump To Osama bin Laden

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who has had his own fair share of problems lately in the wake of the scandal…

3 years ago

Rand Paul: Eric Swalwell Should Resign From Intelligence Committee After ‘Sleeping With A Chinese Spy’

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Rand Paul said Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell should resign from Congress after it was reported that…

3 years ago

Schiff Vows That Congress Will Continue To Investigate Trump Even After He Is Gone From Office

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Congressman Adam Schiff said during an interview on Saturday that investigations into President Donald Trump would…

3 years ago

Speaker Pelosi And Adam Schiff Launch New Plan To Take Trump Down

The Speaker and House committee chairs are discussing calling John Bolton to testify before Congress.

3 years ago

Obama’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power Tried To Unmask Flynn Seven Times, She Testified Having ‘No Recollection’ Of Doing So

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power appears on a list of Obama operatives who requested the unmasking…

3 years ago

Trey Gowdy Names Reporters Who Did Adam Schiff’s Bidding

On Friday, former congressman Trey Gowdy vowed to name those in the media who "aided and abetted" House Intelligence Committee…

3 years ago

Transcripts Show Obama Officials Admitting Time After Time They Had No Evidence Of Russia Collusion

Transcripts of the House Intelligence Committee's Russia probe show Obama officials testifying time and again that they had no evidence…

3 years ago

Adam Schiff Is In ‘Panic Mode’ As Transcripts Of House Intel Committee Interviews Are Cleared For Release

Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is pulling back the curtain on some unscrupulous people.

3 years ago

Schiff Vows To ‘Dive Deep’ Into Trump Coronavirus Investigation

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff vows to conduct a thorough investigation into the Trump administration's handling of the…

3 years ago

House GOP Slams Schiff For FISA Abuse Oversight As They Boycott Intelligence Hearing

Republicans are finally pushing back against Schiff and the Democrats

4 years ago