Chris Wallace Blasts Kamala Harris For Border Trip Fail – Proposed ‘No Answers’ For Immigrant ‘Flood’

Fox News host Chris Wallace just spoke out against Vice President Kamala Harris after she finally visited the U.S-Mexico border, saying…

7 months ago

Governor Greg Abbott Announces Texas Will Build Their Own Border Wall

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that his state will push forward and build its own wall at the southern border.…

7 months ago

Joy Reid Rushes To Defend Kamala Harris For Not Going To Border – ‘Perhaps An Unpopular Opinion’

MSNBC host Joy Reid rushed to defend Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday for not visiting the border despite the…

7 months ago

GOP Sen. Kennedy Says Harris Negotiating Billions With Guatemala’s President ‘Like Giving Whiskey And Car Keys To A Teenager’

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) spoke out on Tuesday to say that Vice President Kamala Harris giving the “corrupted administration” in…

7 months ago

Nikki Haley Blasts Kamala Harris For ‘Embarrassing’ Approach To Border Crisis – ‘She Doesn’t Know What Is Happening There’

Former Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley went on Fox News on Tuesday to give her thoughts on Vice President…

7 months ago

Kamala Harris ‘Can’t Find The Southern Border’ Of U.S. ‘On A Map,’ GOP Rep. Roy Says

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) went on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield" on Tuesday to blast Vice President Kamala Harris, suggesting that she…

9 months ago

John Kerry Says If ‘There Is No Ability To Live’ Somewhere, ‘You’re Very Much A Refugee’

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry participated in a CNN town hall on Friday. During it, he discussed giving…

9 months ago

Kamala Harris Praises Biden – Claims He ‘Has An Extraordinary Amount Of Courage’

Vice President Kamala Harris went on CNN on Sunday to praise President Joe Biden, claiming that he has “an extraordinary amount…

9 months ago

Pelosi Outrageously Claims Climate Change Has Led To ‘Humanitarian Challenge’ At The Border

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke out on Sunday to outrageously claim that climate change has led to a "humanitarian…

10 months ago

Caravan Migrant on Why He’s Traveling To US: Biden ‘Is Going To Help All Of Us’

A Honduran migrant traveling in a caravan of thousands to the United States said he is making the journey because…

12 months ago

Trump Keeps His Promise, Makes Mexico Pay for U.S. Border Security

Another campaign promise kept by the president.

2 years ago

Illegal Alien Allegedly Killed A Teenager After Getting Released Repeatedly From Custody In Sanctuary City

Jason Hopkins on October 10, 2019 Carlos Daniel Carillo-Lopez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, allegedly participated in the gang murder of…

2 years ago