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Elon Musk Versus Twitter Board of Directors Is A Battle For America’s Soul

By Roger L. Simon for The Epoch Times When I was a kid growing up in New York City in…

10 months ago

Gowdy Talks About How Crucial Public Safety Is – Politics Not Important ‘If You’re Dead’

During his Fox News show on Sunday night, former Republican Trey Gowdy talked about just how important public safety is,…

2 years ago

Tlaib Slams Democrat Leaders, Claims ‘Freedom Of Speech Doesn’t Exist For Muslim’ Congresswomen

On Thursday, Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib slammed her party’s leaders by suggesting they are prejudiced, and claimed that freedom of…

2 years ago

Conservative Icon Dennis Prager Tells LifeZette, ‘Free Speech in America Is Seriously Threatened’

Nationally syndicated radio host, best-selling author and founder of PragerU talks about his new film, 'No Safe Spaces'

3 years ago

College Told Him He Couldn’t Hand Out Constitutions; This Response Is Awesome!

This college student wanted to hand out the Constitution to inform other students of their rights in America, but the…

6 years ago

#Blacklivesmatter Activist Threatens Trump Rallies!

A  member of the Black Lives Matter movement, who goes by the name @TefPoe on Twitter, threatened to cause chaos…

7 years ago