Franklin Graham

President Trump Says You Can Thank Him For Bringing ‘Merry Christmas’ Back

Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham recently made a list of all the things he was grateful to President Donald Trump…

2 years ago

Rev. Franklin Graham Explains Why He Is ‘Grateful To God’ For Last Four Years Of President Trump

On Monday, evangelical Christian leader Rev. Franklin Graham said that he is grateful for the last four years of President…

2 years ago

Franklin Graham Praises President Trump On Supreme Court Appointments

They have already made a difference.

2 years ago

Rev. Franklin Graham Blasts ‘Left-Leaning Media’ For Using Coronavirus Fears To ‘Destroy’ Trump

The Reverend Franklin Graham slammed the "left-leaning media" for using the worst COVID-19 tragedies and scenarios to spread fear among…

3 years ago

Franklin Graham: Wasn’t Pelosi ‘Fiddling’ By Wasting Time Filling Up Coronavirus Bill With Pork?

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Donald Trump was "fiddling" in his early response to the coronavirus, Rev. Franklin…

3 years ago

President Trump Unites Pro-Life Supporters as Movement Surges at March for Life 2020

Conservative and pro-life evangelicals show up to support life as President Trump 'put his money where his mouth is' on…

3 years ago

Franklin Graham Blasts Madonna for Saying Jesus Would be OK with Abortion

When pop singer and liberal activist Madonna recently said that Jesus would be alright with women killing their unborn children…

4 years ago

Reverend Billy Graham Dies at Age 99

Sad news this Wednesday morning as America just learned that Billy Graham has passed away. Graham, who was 99 years…

5 years ago

Franklin Graham to Politicans Blaming Trump for Charlottesville: “SHAME ON YOU”

In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Rev. Franklin Graham has a bold message for politicians blaming President…

6 years ago

Rev. Graham is Thankful First Lady Melania Trump is Sharing Her Christian Faith

Over the weekend, liberals and the establishment media freaked out after First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband's rally in…

6 years ago

Rev. Graham Announces the 1 Thing Christians Must Do to STOP OBAMA

Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of Rev. Billy Graham, just started his Decision America 2016 effort this week to promote…

7 years ago