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how much does the government borrow daily
Kevin McCarthy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
April 12, 2023
The U.S. Congressional Budget Office said Monday the federal government has accumulated more than a trillion dollars in debt only…
federal debt interest
January 28, 2022
According to the United States Treasury, the United States spent $52.4 billion in Fiscal Year 2021 on interest payments alone.
Source: Screenshot, YouTube
October 15, 2021
Democrats inserting gender-neutral language into the budget reconciliation package is adding women-erasing ideology into federal legislation.
Reconciliation Bill Illegal Immigrants
September 16, 2021
Senate Democrats proposed that $105 billion of the reconciliation bill would go towards an amnesty plan for illegal immigrants.
February 8, 2020
For the first time in modern history, a GOP president may be serious about spending cuts. Donald Trump is making…