It Doesn’t Matter Who’s At The Front Of The DNC Nomination Process, They Won’t Win Anyway!

One of the values of an election primary is that you get to see what the candidates are really like,…

3 years ago

States Speak Up Asking Senate to Throw Out Impeachment

GOP Attorneys General in 21 states want it tossed.

3 years ago

Hillary: Gutsiest Thing I Ever Did Was Stay With My Womanizing Husband

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton said the 'gutsiest' thing she's ever done in her personal life was to stay married…

3 years ago

Hillary: ‘I Admire Eleanor Roosevelt’ For How She Handled FDR’s Affair

Mary Margaret Olohan on September 30, 2019 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s affair in a…

3 years ago

Here is the FDR Quote about Robert E. Lee That Liberals Never Wanted You to See

Robert E. Lee monuments are being vandalized and removed across the country. After Charlottesville, the hate directed at Lee has…

5 years ago