Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Sends Out Bizarre Fundraising Text Message: ‘MAGA Is Dying’

Many political watchers love to call the thick of an election cycle "the silly season." It is usually when the…

11 months ago

Now That Dr. Oz Has Won the PA Senate Primary, He’s Removing Trump Mentions From His Campaign

After securing his victory in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary thanks in large part to the support of Donald Trump,…

12 months ago

Supreme Court Allows PA To Count Undated Mail-In Ballots, Could Have Huge Implications For Future Elections

As the nation gears up for the November midterm elections, many states are tightening up their election laws in hopes…

12 months ago

Republican Voters Deliver Mixed Bag On Trump-Endorsed Candidates

Pennsylvania's closely-watched Senate race is proving to be a nail biter right up to the end. Currently, CNN reports that…

1 year ago

GOP Establishment Sweating Over Come-From-Behind PA Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette

Once again, Establishment and seemingly well-heeled Republicans are doing everything they can to try to control the primary process in…

1 year ago

Jeffrey Epstein’s Chilling Autopsy Results Suggest He Was Murdered, Pathologist Says

Let's just call it now; the pathologist didn't kill himself either.

3 years ago

Ivanka Trump Talks Postpartum Depression and Hillary Clinton With Dr. Oz

God bless Ivanka Trump. The First Daughter is an incredible person. She's a beautiful mother, a hardworking businesswoman, a wonderful…

6 years ago