Colin Kaepernick

Katie Couric Confesses To Editing Out Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Anti-Kneeling Comments In Interview To ‘Protect’ Her

Katie Couric has admitted to editing out comments by Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a 2016 interview in which the late…

1 year ago

‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Uses MLK To Shame Trump Supporters – You ‘Enabled A Racist President’

During yesterday's national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr., Sunny Hostin shamelessly used the late civil rights icon to shame…

2 years ago

Rahm Emanuel: Athletes Who Kneel During Anthem Just Like People Kneeling During “Religious Services”

Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that athletes who kneel during the national anthem were just like people kneeling during…

3 years ago

Colin Kaepernick Calls 4th Of July A ‘Celebration Of White Supremacy’

This is not unexpected from this opportunist.

3 years ago

Former Football Great Slams NFL For Playing Footsie With Colin Kaepernick: Affirmative Action For A Marxist

Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens slammed the NFL for courting radical anti-police activist Colin Kaepernick as the organization slowly transforms…

3 years ago

Brett Favre Says Colin Kaepernick Is Like Pat Tillman – Should Receive Same ‘Hero Status’

NFL legend Brett Favre says that Colin Kaepernick’s decision to risk his football career in order to continue his protests…

3 years ago

Has The NFL Commissioner Become Colin Kaepernick’s Agent Now?

Roger Roger Roger... dude, you're getting played. This is the epitome of someone not taking responsibility for their own actions.…

3 years ago

NFL Great Shreds ‘Cowards and Marxists’ Who Forced Drew Brees To Apologize For Supporting American Flag

Former NFL player and part of the Oakland Raiders 1980 Super Bowl champion team, Burgess Owens, slammed the "cowards and…

3 years ago

Lindsey Graham Hammers ‘Un-American Loser’ Colin Kaepernick For Comments on Killing of Iranian General

Senator Lindsey Graham absolutely drilled Colin Kaepernick over criticisms involving the United States killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani,…

3 years ago

Watch: Baker Mayfield Refuses to Leave Field Until Signing Autographs For Every Soldier

Baker Mayfield put anti-military football players to shame last week, refusing orders to get off the practice field until he…

3 years ago

Wait Until You’ve Read What Mike Rowe Has To Say About Nike And Kaepernick — He Nails It!

Mike Rowe, the former host of "Dirty Jobs," is one of the most insightful conservatives we have on our side.…

4 years ago

Hockey Coach Goes Viral: Either Stand For the National Anthem Or ‘Get the Hell Out’

We cleaned that title up a bit for readers with more sensitive eyes. An as-of-yet identified hockey coach has gone…

4 years ago