Cold War

Experts Split on Threat of Russian Nuclear Escalation as Biden Vacillates

Russian President Vladimir Putin's recent threats regarding the use of nuclear weapons and escalation of horrific attacks on civilian targets…

2 months ago

Chris Wallace Pays Tribute To Former First Lady Nancy Reagan On Her 100th Birthday – ‘A Partner In Power’

The former First Lady Nancy Reagan would have turned 100 this week, and to mark the occasion, Fox News host…

1 year ago

Lenin Statue Revealed In German City Of Gelsenkirchen

A statue of Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet leader, was revealed in the German city of Gelsenkirchen, at a time when…

2 years ago

Democrats’ Hypocritical Progressive Policies Are A Plague On Our Country – And They Know It!

Democrats are like that crazy ex-brother-in-law or old college acquaintance that only shows up every 4-8 years to "catch-up," to…

3 years ago

Trump Calls Sanders a Communist, Adds Fuel to Democratic Fires

On one hand he call Sanders a "communist." On the other he accuses the Democratic establishment of rigging the nomination…

3 years ago

Schiff Resurrects Domino Theory

A Cold War pro-communist party uses a classic anti-communist line.

3 years ago