Ilhan Omar Slammed For Tweet Criticizing Christians Singing During Flight: Wonder What Would Happen If My Family Prayed On A Plane

Ilhan Omar was mocked following a tweet in which she criticized a Christian group singing songs of worship on an…

8 months ago

Michael Moore Says Christian Conservatives Are Like The Taliban – ‘They’re Religious Nuts’

The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore spoke out this week to compare Christian conservatives to the Taliban. He went…

1 year ago

IRS Reportedly Rejects Christian Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status: ‘Bible Teachings’ Are ‘Typically Affiliated With The Republican Party’

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) reportedly rejected the tax-exempt application for a Christian non-profit group in Texas in part because…

1 year ago

Matt Gaetz Torches Cancel Culture For Coming For Conservative Members Of The Military

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke out this week to blast a House Armed Services Committee hearing on “extremism in the…

2 years ago

Bill Maher Claims Christianity Is To Blame For Capitol Riot

During Friday's episode of "Real Time With Bill Maher," host Bill Maher blamed Christianity for the Capitol riots last month.…

2 years ago

VA Gov. Northam Announces New Restrictions: You Don’t Have To Sit In Church For God To Hear Your Prayers

Virginia's Democratic Governor Ralph Northam announced some strict new COVID-19 regulations on Thursday, sending a brutal message to Christians specifically…

2 years ago

Kamala Harris Is No Friend To Christians

She has specifically targeted the Catholic Church, amongst other Christian institutions.

2 years ago

Seth Rogen Says Israel ‘Makes No Sense’ – It’s Like Putting Jews ‘In A Blender’

Comedic actor Seth Rogen just launched a truly vile attack on Israel, saying that it "makes no sense" to him.…

2 years ago

China: Christians Ordered To Replace Images Of Jesus With Communist Leaders

The authorities in China have told poor Christians that they will have to replace images of Christ and crosses with…

2 years ago

NY Mosque Remains Open For Daily Prayers As Churches All Over America Are Hit With Mandatory Shutdowns

It must be nice to be Muslim and get a free pass from liberals to break the rules and worship…

3 years ago