Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews Claims Trump ‘Is Not Honest’ – His Supporters ‘Know He Didn’t Win’ In 2020

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews went on "Meet The Press" on Sunday to claim that former President Donald Trump was not…

2 years ago

‘The View’ Gets Awkward As Joy Behar Confronts Chris Matthews About ‘Sexist’ Hillary Clinton Comments He Says He Never Made

Things got awkward on "The View" on Wednesday morning when Joy Behar confronted former MSNBC host Chris Matthews about comments…

2 years ago

Ex-MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Claims Pro-Trump Republicans Don’t ‘Understand Democracy’

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews reemerged on Tuesday to appear on his ex-colleague Joy Reid's show, where he condescendingly said…

2 years ago

MSNBC Pushes Chris Matthews Off The Air After Controversy, Outcry From #MeToo Movement

He was disposable to the new masters of the Democrats.

3 years ago

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Accused Of Harassment – Targeted By Feminist

He's old-school and now he's paying for it.

3 years ago

When Democrats Lose MSNBC You Know They’re in Trouble

Chris Matthews compares recent Sanders victories to fall of France to the Nazis in 1940.

3 years ago

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, O’Donnell Push Claims That Trump Is ‘Collaborating’ With Russia to Steal Election

It's Groundhog Day once again in the media, as far-left MSNBC hosts Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell are spreading misinformation…

3 years ago

Chris Matthews Frets: If Bernie Wins the Nomination ‘We’ll Lose 49 States’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews is sounding the alarm suggesting that if the Democrat party goes all-in on radical socialist, Bernie…

3 years ago

Former Clinton Official Carville: “Trumpism is the Greatest Threat” to US Since Communism

In an interview with MSNBC, James Carville, the former Clinton official, claimed that "Trumpism is the greatest threat this country…

3 years ago

Michael Moore Says White Voters Support Trump Because They Fear Losing Power to Minorities

On MSNBC’s “Hardball”on  Tuesday, liberal document filmmaker Michael Moore said that white working class voters are afraid of losing power…

3 years ago

NBC Analyst Claims Trump Sending ‘Subliminal’ Messages to Racist ‘Foot Soldiers’

In the wake of the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings, MSNBC national security analyst Malcolm Nance appeared on Hardball…

4 years ago