GoFundMe Shuts Down Fundraiser For ‘Freedom Convoy’, Keeps Fundraisers For Rioters And Felons

Crowdfunding site GoFundMe has suspended a fundraiser for truckers involved in a "Freedom Convoy" protest, even as multiple fundraisers for…

1 year ago

Portland Fears A New CHOP – Police Take Action

The mayor takes a hard stand.

3 years ago

CHOP Surrenders To Police As Democrats Start Pointing Fingers At Each Other

The mayor wants a member of council expelled.

3 years ago

New CHOP Starts In Atlanta Wendy’s – Rioters Back Gun Rights And Border Control

The scene of the Brooks shooting is now off limits to police.

3 years ago

A Murder In Seattle’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ CHAZ/CHOP Insurrection Sector

If anyone thinks this is the last of the violence, you are deluded.

3 years ago