Michelle Obama Trashes Trump For Throwing Kids In Cages – Her Husband Built Those Cages

Former First Lady Michelle Obama slammed President Trump for throwing children of illegal immigrants in cages, a practice that also…

3 years ago

John Oliver Made Fun Of Trump Back In 2017 For Predicting Washington And Jefferson Statues Would Be Removed

Back in 2017, "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver mocked President Donald Trump for predicting that statues of U.S. Founding…

3 years ago

U.S. Marine Corps Bans The Display Of Confederate Flag On All Military Installations

Unprecidented move by the Marine Corps to address 'anything that threatens team cohesion'

3 years ago

Joy Behar: President Trump Is A ‘Disgusting Racist’ – Suggests His Supporters Are Too

Speaking on "The View" on Tuesday, Joy Behar said that President Donald Trump is a "disgusting racist," and Trump supporters…

3 years ago

Meghan McCain Loses It When Joy Behar Tries To Defend Cuba’s Literacy Program: ‘Let’s not’

Should Sanders secure the nomination, you can expect more pundits than just Behar to start defending his radical policies.

4 years ago

Biden Compares Trump to KKK in Sermon to Black Church

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, in the span of one sentence, compared President Trump to the KKK during a sermon…

4 years ago

Biden Angrily Defends Pushing Charlottesville Lie

Joe Biden got into a verbal altercation with a reporter who pointed out that the former vice president was pushing…

4 years ago

WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Defends Antifa, Panel Immediately Calls Him Out

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo defended the domestic terrorist group Antifa, claiming their "good cause" is not comparable to that of…

4 years ago

James Clyburn SLAMS Trump for Praising ‘Loser’ General Robert E. Lee

House Majority Whip James Clyburn appeared on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday where he criticized President Donald Trump for praising a…

4 years ago

Biden Kicks Off Campaign By Spreading an Easily Debunked Lie

Well, it's official. Joe Biden has announced his campaign for the presidency in 2020 with an official launch video discussing…

4 years ago

Charlottesville Rally Killer Pleads Guilty, Escapes Death Penalty

Grace Carr on March 27, 2019 James Alex Fields pleaded guilty Wednesday to over two dozen federal hate crimes after he…

5 years ago