Woman Whose Mother Died In A NY Nursing Home Accuses NBC News Of Blocking Her From Saying ‘Cuomo Failed Us’

A woman whose mother passed away in a New York nursing home has accused NBC News and other media outlets…

2 years ago

Christian Crowdfunding Site GiveSendGo Gets Blocked By Paypal

PayPal Holdings Inc. recently said that the company has blocked the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo because funds were raised there…

2 years ago

Facebook Will Begin Removing All Content That Mentions ‘Stop the Steal’

On Monday, Facebook and Instagram said they will begin removing content from Facebook and Instagram that mentions a certain phrase…

2 years ago

Devin Nunes On Big Tech Parler Ban: ‘There Should Be A Racketeering Investigation’

Republicans Congressman Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that the Justice Department should launch…

2 years ago

Twitter And Facebook Block President Trump, Threaten Permanent Ban

Big tech giants Twitter and Facebook have blocked President Trump from sharing messages with his followers, with at least one…

2 years ago

New Report: Facebook Facing Antitrust Lawsuits From 40 States

As early as next week, at least 40 states are set to file an antitrust lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook…

2 years ago

Trump Unleashed: ‘We Don’t Have Freedom Of The Press’

On Sunday, President Donald Trump launched some of his strongest attacks on the media to date, accusing them of not…

3 years ago

Social Media Giants Suppress Viral Video Of Doctors’ Touting Hydroxychloroquine For Use Against COVID

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google have all censored a video on their platforms featuring a group of…

3 years ago

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill That Would Ban Pentagon From Helping Hollywood Censor Films To Appease China

The DOD and Hollywood have been working together for a hundred years.

3 years ago

AWFUL! Barack Obama Announces Plan to CENSOR Fox News (MUST READ)

There is no question that President Barack Obama doesn't support Fox News. After all, they are the only major network…

8 years ago