House Will Vote On Censure For Gosar For Sharing Parody Cartoon Video Attacking AOC

The United States House of Representatives will vote Wednesday to possibly censure GOP Representative Paul Gosar over a bizarre parody…

6 months ago

Jim Carrey Threatens Mitch McConnell With Grotesque Cartoon: Says He’ll ‘Be Mowed Down’

It seems that you don't need to pass a psych test to find success in Hollywood.

2 years ago

Jim Carrey Makes New Anti-Trump Cartoon After Pledging To Stop Creating Political Pieces

He formerly implied that all of the negativity had been bad for his mental health.

2 years ago

Even Jerry Nadler Thinks Omar and Tlaib Went Too Far With ‘Vile’ Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Congressman Jerry Nadler, who consistently defends the 'Squad' when they engage in controversial comments or actions, ripped two members for…

3 years ago

Trump Cartoon Depicting The President Playing Golf Over Dead Migrant Family Goes Viral, Canadian Cartoonist Responsible Loses Job

Shelby Talcott on July 1, 2019 A publishing company let go a Canadian artist after he drew a cartoon of…

3 years ago

They Did It Again! New York Times Publishes ANOTHER Anti-Semitic Cartoon After Apologizing For the First One!

It's only been a few days since the deadly shooting at a California synagogue and the New York Times has…

3 years ago

Disgraceful Anti-Trump Cartoon Compares 9/11 to Russian Election Meddling

Robert Matson is likely used to controversy. Being a political cartoonist, any topic of the day is going to be…

4 years ago

Want to See the Democrat Party’s Real Platform?

We don't think we've seen it summarized quite this well before. Political cartoonist A.F. Branco delivers yet another epic cartoon…

4 years ago

Cartoon Reveals How Rough the Left Has Had it Over the Last Few Months

It's been a rough couple of months for the left, starting with Hillary Clinton's historically embarrassing loss to Donald J.…

4 years ago

This Cartoon PERFECTLY Illustrates The Absurdity Of Obama Blaming Fox News For The Election

President Obama continues to blame everybody but himself in explaining the Democrats' spectacular failures at the ballot box this year.…

4 years ago

This is EXACTLY What We Think About Barack Obama Now (LOOK)

President Barack Obama's legacy can be seen by the preposterous, idiotic rules that mandate cows to stop farting in California.…

4 years ago

Political Cartoon Perfectly Mocks Anti-Trump Protestors

I'm not completely sure those protesting the election fully understand the irony in their protest. Look up footage of the…

4 years ago