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Rapper Cardi B Hit With Defamation Lawsuit For ‘Racist MAGA Supporters’ Attack

The rapper Cardi B, an outspoken supporter of Joe Biden, just got some very bad news when she was hit…

2 years ago

Biden Forgets When He Was Inaugurated As VP – Gaffes Multiple Times During Tom Hanks Fundraiser

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden just suffered yet another humiliating gaffe, this time repeatedly forgetting when he was inaugurated…

2 years ago

Joe Biden Forgets How Many Grandchildren He Has In Bizarre Interview With Cardi B

Joe Biden just humiliated himself once again in a bizarre new interview with rapper Cardi B, this time forgetting how…

2 years ago

Alicia Keys Demands That Trump Be Impeached While Hosting Grammy Awards

Despite the tragic death of Kobe Bryant overshadowing the award ceremony, Keys still found an opportunity to turn it political.

3 years ago