Bruce Springsteen

Obama’s Birthday Party Derails – Guests Leave Early Due To Traffic ‘Sh** Show’

On Saturday night, the former President Barack Obama's "scaled down" birthday party at his home in Martha's Vineyard reportedly went…

1 year ago

Obama Backs Reparations: Says Country Was ‘Built On The Backs Of Slaves,’ Didn’t Do It Himself Due To ‘White Resentment’

Former President Barack Obama believes reparations are "justified" and suggests one of the reasons he couldn't get it through during…

2 years ago

Despite Bashing Trump, Bruce Springsteen Cuts Super Bowl Ad Urging Political Healing In ‘The Middle’

Editor's Note: This piece was updated to include Springsteen's recent arrest. Singer Bruce Springsteen, who supported Joe Biden and bashed…

2 years ago

Jill Biden’s Ex Reveals She ‘Cheated On First Husband With Joe’

The ex-husband of Jill Biden is speaking out this week to claim that she and Joe have been lying for…

2 years ago

Bruce Springsteen Denounces Trump: ‘I Don’t Know If Our Democracy Could Stand Another Four Years’ Of Him

Springsteen has shown that he's just another liberal elitist sheep in the entertainment industry.

2 years ago

Bruce Springsteen Goes Off On President Trump In Foul Rant Over COVID-19: ‘Put On A F**king Mask’

“With 100,000 plus Americans dying over the last few months and the empty, shamed response from our leaders, I’ve been…

2 years ago

Springsteen Hits At Trump — He Doesn’t Understand How To Be An American

When’s the last time Bruce Springsteen had to worry about the numbers on his pay stub, the security of his…

3 years ago