birth control

Report: Chicago Schools Make Condoms And Birth Control Available For Fifth Graders

According to the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday, Chicago Public Schools’ Board of Education passed a policy at the end of…

2 years ago

More Women Opted for Long-Acting Birth Control Right After Trump Was Elected, Study Finds

Frenzy was due in part to hyped-up news reports that fed concerns

5 years ago

Trump Gives Private Employers Option To Drop Birth Control Coverage; Liberals Go Ballistic

The Trump Administration announced new rules Friday that expand the religious exemption for employers who don't want to provide insurance coverage…

6 years ago

Hobby Lobby Would “Love” To Stay Out of Women’s Birth Control Decisions

I can't remember a recent issue that's been more shamelessly propagandized than the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case. To hear…

9 years ago