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Cindy McCain Admits She Cringes When Watching Daughter Meghan McCain On ‘The View’

Cindy McCain admitted in a new interview this week that she cringes at times while watching her daughter Meghan McCain…

1 year ago

Singer For Band Formerly Known As The Dixie Chicks Says She’d Have A ‘Love Fest’ With George W. Bush Because Of Trump

Earlier this week, we reported that the lead singer of The Chicks, which was formerly known as the Dixie Chicks,…

2 years ago

Meghan McCain Hints She’ll Vote For Biden: ‘I Love Him Dearly’

Meghan McCain, daughter of late Senator John McCain, strongly hinted that she will be voting for Joe Biden in the…

2 years ago

Alyssa Milano Defends Biden Amid Sexual Assault Allegations – Says Innocent Men Shouldn’t Be Destroyed By #MeToo

The hypocrisy of Milano is mind-blowing on the one hand, but not surprising at all on the other.

2 years ago

Hillary Clinton Loved Moment Pelosi Shred SOTU Speech – Showed Trump Is ‘Untethered From Reality’

It clearly makes Clinton's blood boil that Trump is still in the White House, so it comes as no surprise…

2 years ago