Academy Awards

Jimmy Kimmel Shamelessly Uses Oscars To Push His Own January 6 Footage Agenda

Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel took full advantage of his invite to host the 95th Academy Awards by attempting to…

3 months ago

Trump Hilariously Mocks Oscars After Ratings Plummet – ‘Don’t Be So Politically Correct And Boring’

Ratings for the Academy Awards on Sunday night plummeted to a historic low, drawing only around 10 million viewers, its…

2 years ago

Brad Pitt Narrates Pro-Biden Ad Portraying Him As Bipartisan Unifier

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has thrown his support firmly behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as he narrated an add…

3 years ago

Bette Midler Blasts Trump for Mocking the Oscars: ‘I’m More Upset That Parasite Won the White House’

Trump should know that if Midler and the rest of Hollywood keep bashing him, he's just doing something right!

3 years ago

‘The View’ Hosts Say Trump Praising ‘Gone With the Wind’ Is Racist

Guests and hosts alike on 'The View' were torn up over President Trump's recent reference to the classic movie 'Gone…

3 years ago

Joaquin Phoenix Delivers Bizarre Oscars Acceptance Speech

His second such speech in as many weeks.

3 years ago

Liberal Hollywood Stars Team Up To Demand Studio Executives Cut Funding To NRA

Double standards are alive and well in Hollywood

3 years ago

Hillary Clinton Goes Hollywood – Whines About Women Directors Being Snubbed At Oscars

Despite not running in 2020, the former Secretary of State refuses to leave the spotlight

3 years ago

Outrage After No Women Are Nominated For Best Director At The Oscars

"Congratulations to those men." –Issa Rae

3 years ago

Academy Voter Blurts Out: ‘I’m Not Going to Watch the Oscars This Year’

Anonymous member says he's anticipating a 'boring' ceremony

4 years ago

Stacey Dash Under Fire for BET Comments – But She’s FIGHTING BACK!

Hollywood actress and Fox News host Stacey Dash is under attack for being a conservative who happens to be black.…

7 years ago