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Europe Bows To Sharia By Instituting This!

The “islamization” of Europe continues. After refusing to condemn immigrant rapists for fear of being labeled “racist” it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re letting Sharia and Islam invade the rest of their culture.

Sweden is doing this in the name of “tolerance” and equality.

Via Breitbart

As Muslims become a larger part of Swedish society, some municipal pools are offering women-only swimming to accommodate the new arrivals. But while well intended, the new policy is bumping up against Swedish ideals of equality.

On the face of it, the decision to offer special women’s swimming hours at the Hyllie sports center, a municipal swimming pool in the southern Swedish city of Malmö, should not be contentious.

Indeed, Malmö is not alone. According to a survey by the Swedish TV channel TV4, 13 of Sweden’s 100 largest municipalities have begun offering separate swimming hours for men and women. “Our facilities are used by 40 percent women and 60 percent men,” Johan Hermansson, the head of Malmö’s recreations department, told TV4. “Our ambition is for them to be used equally by girls and boys, men and women.”


And that is raising a much larger issue for Sweden. Should the native population adjust to immigrant groups’ different lifestyles by accommodating women-only swimming and the like, thus providing access to Muslim newcomers who would otherwise not feel comfortable in gender-equal conditions? Or does the implementation of such segregation, however well intended, ultimately undermine the country’s hard-earned traditions of gender equality.

I’m glad to see Swedes are not comfortable with this. This is Sharia law. Plain and simple.

Can you imagine the outrage of the left in America if a Christian pool had a “women’s hour”? There would be petitions, boycotts and hashtags abound!

But we won’t hear anything from the left on this. Hypocrites.

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