Susan Collins Says She Opposes Voting On SCOTUS Nominee – What Is Wrong With This ‘Republican?’

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Over time, don’t you find it interesting how politicians lose sight of the fact that electoral politics is a team sport?

If you begin to believe you are entitled to the office just because you are who you are, you will lose, and so will your team.

This failing is particularly prevalent in the U.S. Senate amongst both sides.

In the case of Susan Collins, she has been in the Senate for four terms.

The world and her electorate have changed at that time, and she has not.

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Nothing about the Ginsburg appointment situation has changed Collins’s reelection race.

She has failed to understand her base, Maine’s blue-collar working class, while pursuing the ever feckless votes of suburban women.

She will lose her race, no matter how she votes on the Ginsburg replacement.

Trump Is Allowed To Do His Job

The U.S. Constitution says the President shall appoint the justices. It does not say when.

For the lame Garland argument, that was different because it was a Republican Senate and Democratic President.

Garland would never have been approved. Now, we have a Republican-held Senate and White House.

The nominee should be approved. As PBS points out

“Since 1900, presidents have nominated seven people for seats on the Supreme Court during an election year, according to SCOTUSblog. The Senate confirmed six of the seven.

As it turns out, several Democratic and Republican presidents have filled a vacancy on the nation’s highest court in the middle of a heated campaign season.

The Senate confirmed Mahlon Pitney to replace John Marshall Harlan during President William Taft’s last year in office in 1912.

Woodrow Wilson placed two men on the Supreme Court, Louis Brandeis and John Clarke, while running for reelection in 1916.

Herbert Hoover added Benjamin Cardozo to the court in 1932, the year he lost reelection to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Frank Murphy joined the court eight years later, as FDR faced off against Wendell Willkie in the 1940 presidential race.

Most recently, Justice Anthony Kennedy was confirmed by a Democratic-controlled Senate in 1988, during Ronald Reagan’s final year in office.”

Is Susan Collins Worried About Her Re-election?

Susan, if you are worried about the liberals in Maine not re-electing you if you vote for Trump’s nominee, take a moment to recognize something:

Having one of the excellent ladies from Trump’s list on the Supreme Court is FAR more important to the nation than having you in the Senate.

Do the right thing here. If the liberals in Maine send you packing over it, retire with pride and enjoy time with your family.

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Does Collins want to risk the giving the Democrats the opportunity to name the next Justice?

The same party that gave us the Kavanaugh hearings?

The party of fabricating charges against Carter Page and General Flynn and trying to lock them in prison because they wanted Trump?

Does Collins have so little regard for her fellow citizens that she is willing to take that chance?

The Dems did not have control of the Senate in 2016 with a Democrat president. This time there is a Republican president and Senate.

Both sides have flip-flopped on their views. Is she trying to say the Democrats would not take advantage of a situation if they have the opportunity?

If anyone believes that, you need to wake up because you are dreaming.

If the Democrats are saying they will appoint more judges to the Supreme Court if Biden wins, well why would they be so worried about it?

Because they are not confident that they are going to win in 2020.

Moreover, they know there is a HUGE chance they are not going to win. (And I hope they are right and Republicans put country ahead of self.)

Do Your Job Or Lose Your Job

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that our elected representatives should stop doing their jobs in an election year.

Should Congress refrain from voting on any bills in the year of an election? In many states, judges are elected.

Should no trials be held in the year of an election?

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This whole idea of waiting for the successor to do the current official’s job is the most idiotic thing.

It was stupid and tactless when the Republicans used that as their excuse to not vote on Merrick Garland, and it would be stupid to do it again.

Do your job until it is not your job anymore.

President Trump has already shown sound judgment in the choices he has made thus far.

If he goes extreme, you still can block him. If Biden’s handlers go extreme, we are stuck.


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