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  1. This is good news for the country.

  2. chvietvet says:

    Hillary is lying, as usual. The Democratic Party has always been the party of slavery and discrimination. Democrats were behind the secession of the Confederate States. After the Federal troops were removed from the southern states in 1876, black people were prohibited from voting for about 80 years, in spite of their Constitutional right to vote, supposedly guaranteed by the 15th Amendment. The former Confederate states always voted for candidates of the Democratic Party up until the Civil Rights movement, when black voters were finally allowed to go to the polls and vote. The one exeption was in 1928, when a Catholic ran as the Democratic candidate. Vicious members of the Ku Klux Klan attacked civil rights volunteers on a regular basis with local support of the Democratic Party, and the Democrat presidents sent to FBI to film the beatings but do nothing about them. Some murderers of civil rights workers were only tried and found guilty because there were previously so many Democrats on juries that none of the killers would have been convicted earlier. So why would any black person vote for a Democrat.

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