BOOM: This Supreme Court Justice Drops a Bomb of TRUTH About What Makes America FREE!

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a brilliant conservative who is perhaps the most important defender of the American Constitution. Liberals can’t stand to hear his name. And as President Barack Obama continues to act as a tyrant, Scalia is there to strike down illegal Obama Administration moves at every opportunity.

Scalia reaffirmed his commitment to defending the Constitution while speaking to the Federalist Society in his home-state of New Jersey recently. And what he said about the Constitution and American liberties are deeply profound. He noted that it is the Constitution and how government is structured which protects our liberties… and it’s NOT the Bill of Rights!

Here is how The Daily Signal reported on his comments:

The reason America’s basic freedom has endured for more than 200 years, Scalia said Friday in a speech to the Federalist Society in Morristown, N.J., is not the amendments to the Constitution but the Constitution itself.

“Every tin horn dictator in the world today, every president for life, has a Bill of Rights,” said Scalia, author of the 2012 book “Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts.” “That’s not what makes us free; if it did, you would rather live in Zimbabwe. But you wouldn’t want to live in most countries in the world that have a Bill of Rights. What has made us free is our Constitution. Think of the word ‘constitution;’ it means structure.”

In addition, he took a bold stance against the 17th Amendment, which was passed in the progressive era and led to a larger government. Today’s judicial nominations would be scared to take such a bold stance in defense of the Founding Father’s vision for America. This is awesome!

Scalia said the most profound and significant departure from our nation’s constitutional structure and the principle of federalism protecting the states from federal power came in 1913, when the 17th Amendment was ratified, providing for the direct, popular election of U.S. senators. Before, state governments appointed U.S. senators.

“What a difference that makes,” Scalia said. “When you have a bill that says states will not receive federal highway funds unless they raise the drinking age to 21, that bill would not pass. The states that had lower drinking ages would tell their senators, ‘You vote for that and you are out of there.’

While there are plenty of states run by corrupt officials, it would still be a good idea to repeal the Amendment and return the power locally. The direct election of Senators wiped out a massive check-and-balance between the states and Federal government, and made it easier for Congress to erode our liberties. Today, states are treated as merely offices to coordinate the massive programs passed into law by Washington, D.C. bureaucrats… And this is not what the founders intended.

No wonder he is Obama’s worst nightmare.

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  • What an utter moron Scalia is. The UK being a Democratic Monarchy has a Bill of rights rather than a written Constitution.There morons like Scalia and Moore most of whom have never been further that two hundred miles from where they were born think the US is the world, and no one else has any "Freedom" when in fact most of the democratic world had freedom long before the white man Arrived in America with his vile buybull and disease laden blankets.. If "holy" Ireland can approve Marriage Equality" by a landslide popular vote then I think the US can do it too... It is time Scalia and Moore were put out to grass, Heck it was time ten years ago!!

  • Well this Gentleman needs to help Americans stop all the things that go against our Constitutuion since he is right about what he says! Please help Americans and America Sir! Please put the right people on the way to stopping the ISIS camps that are in America and push for a tear down of them! We will ever be thankful for what you can get done for We the People!

    • Janice, you live in your own separate reality. Please don't try and extend it to others. Thank you.

  • I am all for the repeal of the 17th. What we have now is a duplication of legislative duties, which is not only wasteful, it is confusing, and it implies Senators are more valuable (6 yrs as opposed to 2 yrs). Many folks have considered term limits as a way for 'we the people" to regain power. Repealing the 17th is some serious term limitation.
    Also, it puts some limitation on national money being used a Senator elected.

  • I Believe he is right about the 17th amendment. It took away a great chunk of States rights and it needs to be restored.

    • Scalia's inane drinking-age hypotheses is wholly consistent with his disastrous Court rulings. He is one of the most dangerous men in America, given the power that he wields. There IS consolation in the fact that he's nearly 80 and has health problems. One can always hope........

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