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After #SuperTuesday, Trump Just Received AMAZING NEWS!


Tuesday night was a historic night for conservative businessman Donald J. Trump, especially after his victory in Florida forced Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to drop out of the presidential race.

Now that Trump has largely secured the GOP nomination, the media and the political establishment are asking questions about Trump’s electability in November. Will Republicans turn on Trump?

As it turns out, a new poll shows incredible news! Not only will 3 out of 4 Republicans vote for Donald Trump, but his approval just reached 50% for the first time ever.

This changes the dynamics of the presidential race completely! So much for the supposed “ceiling” the Trump campaign supposedly had…

In a recent poll by YouGov, taken on March 10 to 12, three out of four Republican voters said the Republican Party should back Trump should he end up winning the nomination for president.


This is the first time Trump has garnered the support of a majority of Republican primary voters nationwide. YouGov’s February 24-27 survey marked his previous high, at 44% support.[…]

Voters love him because he’s not politically correct:

What separates Trump voters from those supporting other candidates is the importance of the issue of immigration. While Republican voters generally think the economy is the country’s most important issue, no matter whether they are for or against Trump, Trump’s supporters are nearly five times as likely as supporters of other candidates to say immigration is the issue that matters most to them. But Trump’s brashness may be more important than his issue positions. The most important reason people support Trump, chosen by both Trump supporters and opponents in the party, is that he is not politically correct.

Via YouGov

Clearly, Trump is on an unstoppable ride to the White House!


Not only are many Republicans going to support Trump, but clearly he is taking support away from traditional Democrats who would otherwise support Hillary Clinton. That more than makes up for the handful of political elites who oppose Trump.

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