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America Is The Only Country With Super Bowl Champs

Despite what the media, Democrats, and the rest of the world want you to think. America is a good place to live. President Trump wants to make it better and Great Again!

But, there are some things that we are already great at and will always be.

Barbecue, Jazz, and Pro-wrestling are all uniquely American creations that show that we’re a country that can take different cultures and traditions and form them into something amazing and special.

What else are we the best at? Football. Real Football, “American” Football. The battle of the Gridiron.

No other sport combines man’s power, speed, intelligence and strategy better than American football.

With today being Super Bowl Sunday, it is important to remind everyone that we are the BEST when it comes to the best sport.

And it isn’t even close.

Who are you cheering for?

I am going to guess that President Trump is cheering for the Patriots

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