Study Shows Americans Prefer Family to Gifts On Christmas


Checking off items you’ve received on your Christmas list? Shopping around for bargains to give as gifts to your family or friends? Tipping back egg nog at the office Christmas party?

Despite all of these things associated with Christmas, Americans prefer one thing during the holiday season – spending time with their families.

Something that should restore your faith in family values this holiday.

Via the Daily Caller:

The Consumers’ Research study asked Americans which holiday activities they valued most, ranking on a ten point scale. While eating a good meal came second, spending time with family scored highest. Third and fourth were sticking to a Christmas budget and giving gifts. And not only was quality time with family the most important thing to do, it was also voted the best gift.

“The Grinch was right–you don’t need ribbons, tags, packages, boxes and bags to make the season merry,” the executive director of Consumers’ Research, Joe Colangelo, said.

Let’s do our own informal poll here at TPI – What Christmas activity do you value the most? Share your stories and memories with your own family below …

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