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Students in Full Revolt Against Michelle Obama’s Horrible School Lunch Mandates!


As summer vacation comes to an end, students across the country are putting down their baseball gloves and X-Box controllers… and heading back into the classroom.

And while they are expected to study math, science, English, and the arts… They might be trying to concentrate with an empty stomach! That’s because this school year, thousands of schools are impacted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch mandates for the first time.

The law Michelle lobbied for was the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act – which not only required the removal of snack food, but limited the calorie intake of students to 750-850 calories – regardless of involvement in after school physical sports and activities.

Already, local school boards are furious about the rules, as they are forced to offer lunches that students don’t want to buy, with cash-strapped schools wasting money trying to comply. In one place, the problem of unsold food was so bad that Michelle Obama’s lunches are being fed to farm pigs.

Kids returning back to school are already furious:




Let this be another reminder – local control is always best. We must always fight back against progressives who want to control and monitor every aspect of our lives, from birth to the grave.

Parents and local school boards are better at feeding children than Michelle Obama.

H/T: Christian Science Monitor and Twitchy