A student who was arrested and jailed merely for expressing his negative opinion of President Barack Obama with a large billboard has announced he’s fighting back in a HUGE WAY!

Danny Martins, a senior at Hofstra University in Nassau County, New York, was arrested for “disorderly conduct” in the summer of 2014 for hanging a large “Impeach Obama” banner next to an American flag. It was shown proudly over a pedestrian overpass on the Long Island expressway.

Now, Danny is going to fight back and give the Democrat-run county a lesson in the 1st Amendment and free speech!

Local bureaucrats tried to argue the banner posed a “safety hazard” but they will have to find a better excuse to defend themselves in court. Martins has legal help and is ready to fight:

Long Island college student who was arrested for hanging an “Impeach Obama” banner from a Long Island Expressway overpass is suing the Nassau County Police Department for violating his right to free speech, according to a Long Island federal lawsuit.

Danny Martins, a senior at Hofstra University who says he’s a member of the school’s Libertarian Club, was charged with disorderly conduct in June 2014 after hanging up the message and the American flag from a pedestrian walkway in Jericho.

But a judge eventually tossed all charges against the libertarian activist after citing his right to free speech.

Freedom lovers on Twitter responded positively to this incredible news:

I certainly hope he wins plenty of money – perhaps millions – to teach left-wing bureaucrats that conservatives have 1st Amendment rights, too. No one would have complained if it was a Hillary Clinton sign, and there is a clear double standard here.

A college community is supposed to endorse free speech rights. Too often, conservatives are silenced and treated disrespectfully. I’m thrilled to see Danny stand up for himself and fight back!

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