Street Artist Sabo Skewers Al Franken With L.A. Billboard

Street artist Sabo, a self-proclaimed Hollywood Republican, has been targeting liberal celebrities and politicians for years with poster-sized pieces of art pasted to benches and bus stops around Los Angeles. But on Thursday, Sabo unveiled his largest project yet: a billboard drawing attention to the burgeoning sexual assault allegations surrounding Sen. Al Franken.

The billboard, which greeted commuters at a busy intersection just south of Interstate 10, depicts Franken lecherously reaching for a female circus performer (played by actress Zendaya) advertising the forthcoming Hugh Jackson film, The Greatest Showman. 20th Century Fox, which is producing the film about P.T. Barnum’s life, has not commented on Sabo’s piece.

The picture of Franken comes from the photo shared by Franken’s first accuser, Leeann Tweeden. Five other women have since come forward to accuse Franken of sexual assault, including an Army veteran who claims that he groped her breast during a photo op during a USO tour, a former New England elected official who claims that Franken attempted to kiss her, and three other women who say that Franken grabbed their butts in separate incidents.

Sabo wrote on Twitter that he paid for the stunt out of pocket.

This serves Franken right. He, like many other powerful liberals in both Hollywood and Washington, has been using his position of authority to take advantage of unassuming women, and now that all his skeletons are being exposed he’s absolutely refusing to reap the consequences of his actions. If anyone deserves to be publicly shamed, it’s creeps like Franken.

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Ann is a conservative political blogger whose work has appeared on Bleacher Report and America Liberty PAC. Nothing angers her more than the Nanny State and taxes. Prior to making the jump to political writing she worked in web marketing and sports writing; now she utilizes the skills gained in those industries to broaden the impact of conservative media and fight back against political correctness and liberal elitism.

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