Steven Mnuchin Mocks College Protesters at UCLA

How refreshing it is to hear from an adult for once.

Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchin recently spoke at UCLA on the economic initiative the Trump Administration is pursuing when it comes to economic opportunity and exacting financial punishment on bad actors around the world.

By all counts, a speech like this would, under normal circumstances, bore a class full of college student to the point of tears. A soporific affair, indeed.

But, because Mnuchin is an official in the Trump Administration, crazed college socialists came out in droves to protest a benign speech on why Kim Jong-un can’t buy stocks on the U.S. stock market. And they just had to cause a ruckus.

When Mnuchin began to talk sanctions on North Korea, someone in the audience regressed all the way back to infancy and started to wail and gnash their teeth.

You can see the brainless protest below:

There’s way more where that came from, including one student screaming that Mnuchin is “full of s***.”

You can watch the entire spectacle below:

Mnuchin, for his part, doesn’t take this kind of juvenile crap lying down. He calls out these students to their faces and demands they leave. “If you think I’ve got nothing to say, maybe you should just leave,” he declares after one unruly student went into tantrum mode.

Mnuchin is exactly right. While other Trump Administration officials have balked at these kinds of protests, Mnuchin took them straight on, and challenged the students over their irrational behavior.

We need to see more of this. More Trump W.H. staffers should stand their ground and refuse to concede to disruptive students.

What did you think of Mnuchin’s reaction to the protesters? Tell us your thoughts below!

Jim E

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  • It is surprising that the girl would even have an argument simply wrong and which was ad hominem at best. They are so brainwashed now that if they are demonstrating on the streets they can only make comic sounds because apparently they have no real arguments to defend. Their handlers have instructed them not to debate. Apparently they consider themselves to ignorant and stupid to engage in honest debate. And they've fallen for it.

  • Amazing how US colleges are the centers for free speech until they're not! Its only free speech as long as they agree with it. When its not something they agree with they wan tit shut down! This is the way the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany used to work...... This is how the Brown Shirts maintained an iron fisted control over the populace. Its very dangerous and it very sick!

  • these women were ranting senseless dribble of indoctrination. Bullying NK? hilarious. please honey ....go visit and try your crap there. wonder what she will be eating fro dinner that night....and then what so many will be eating in NK. grass.

  • Wouldn't it be great to see their names in the Court Reports of the newspaper. With their parents standing beside them for moral support. Seeing the fruits of their labor grow to fruition.

  • The liberal minded college kids today being indoctrinated by liberal Democrap professors are rude & ignorant. They have no clue what is going on in the world & just want to bash anyone in the Trump cabinet. This is starting in the grade & high schools with idiotic teachers bringing in piñata’s for students to hit & encouraging their unacceptable behavior. Disgusted with it all!

  • They came there to disrupt and be a nuisance. It worked, for a few minutes. Those protesters haven't an ounce of respect for anyone. Spoiled Brats going to college, most probably on the backs of their working parents. And yet, they act like what they are,,,SPOILED !!!! Too bad for this nation that it seems to be so full of these "children" who can't keep their emotions under control until the end of the session when most likely they would be having a question and answer period.

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